Emergency Plan Completed

The Iron County Local Homeless Coordinating Committee has developed this Emergency
Preparedness Plan for two purposes.

  1. The Emergency Preparedness Plan was developed by the Emergency Preparedness
    Plan Subcommittee of the Iron County LHCC to develop and assess annually a local
    Emergency Preparedness Plan in accordance with the terms set forth in S.B. 0168,
    which states that LHCCs will develop a nonbinding locally appropriate emergency
    response plan in coordination with the council of governments of the county in which the
    local oversight body provides.
  2. To evaluate the abilities of local organizations to meet the needs of homeless persons
    during an emergency situation. To this end, it is necessary to evaluate the scope of the
    local homeless population, identify potential risks and needs of this population during an emergency, and to assess the capacity of local organizations to respond effectively to these risks and needs.

A copy of the plan is available here.

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