Executive Actions and Homelessness: What Communities Need to Know

What Recent Executive Actions Mean for Homelessness and COVID-19 Funds

Congress still hasn’t come to an agreement on another critical COVID-19 funding package – funds that will enable communities to best serve people experiencing homelessness. Last week, negotiations between White House officials and Congressional Democrats still didn’t provide a resolution, nor does the President’s recent executive actions.

In a new blog post, Alliance VP for Programs and Policy Steve Berg breaks down the events of this week, and provides guidance on four things communities can do right now, despite the setbacks:

  1. Take care of homeless people right now, using CARES Act money
  2. Document community needs, and plan what you will do with more money
  3. Build alliances with other community organizations
  4. Contact your elected officials to let them know just how important this funding is, and why it needs to be passed immediately

Read more of Steve’s analysis on what’s happening (and not happening) with the federal response to the pandemic and homelessness >>>

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